Financial Inclusion Fund: Review of Scheme – Extension of Timeline

Ref.No.NB.DFIBT/5852-6247/ DFIBT- 23/ 2018-19                                                 18 June 2018

Circular No.142/ DFIBT-21/ 2018


The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer

State Co-operative Banks and

District Central Co-operative Banks



Financial Inclusion Fund: Review of Scheme- Extension of Timeline

Please refer to our Circular no. 263/DFIBT – 47/2017 dated 20 November 2017 & Circular no. 290/ DFIBT- 54/2017 dated 27 December 2017. In this connection, it has been decided to extend the timeline of the following schemes:


Name of the Scheme

Revised Last Date


Issuance of Rupay Kisan Card- Submission of Claim

31 March 2019


Support from Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) for Deployment  of PoS/ mPoS Devices in Tier 5 & 6 Centres


(a) Deployment

31 March 2019

(b) Claim under CAPEX Model

31 March 2019

(c) Claim under OPEX Model*

31 March 2021


*The claim under OPEX model of PoS/mPoS devices may be submitted once in a financial year as per Format-I enclosed. The first claim has to be submitted before 31 March 2019.


02. Pilot project for supporting StCBs/DCCBs in Financial Inclusion through use of technology in PACS/   Other Multipurpose Cooperative Societies-

Banks who have been sanctioned projects under this scheme, may complete deployment by 15th July 2018 and submit claim for reimbursement of expenditure by 31st July 2018. In case of non-utilization, the sanction will be treated as withdrawn and the same will be reallocated to other interested banks.

The banks who are interested to take fresh sanction, including the banks who have completed deployment under the earlier sanction, may approach NABARD Regional Office latest by 31st July 2018. In case of new sanction the last date for submission of claim is 31 March 2019.      

03. All other Terms and Conditions of both the schemes remain unchanged. Banks are advised to adhere to the indicated timelines and take benefit of the schemes.

Yours faithfully

(R Srinivasan)            

Chief General Manager

            Format I (PoS)


(Format for Claiming Reimbursement by the Merchant Acquirer bank/ Third Party Model - on Bank’s letterhead)


The Chief General Manager

…….. Regional Office/Head Office (in case of Multi-State projects)



Dear Sir

Support from Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) for deployment of PoS/mPoS terminals in Tier 5 and 6 Areas – Application for Reimbursement – CAPEX/OPEX Model


Please refer to sanction letter Ref. No. …………... dated ……………. by which you have sanctioned us an amount of Rs. ……………. for installation of ……….. PoS/mPoS devices as Merchant Acquirer Bank/ under Third party model.

We have installed PoS/mPoS devices in the following locations: (Branch-wise list)


Sr. No

State Census Code


District Census Code


Village Census code

Village name

Servicing Bank Branch

Acquiring bank ID

Terminal ID











5 digit

2 digit (as per census 2011)

30 text (as per census 2011)

3 Digit (as per census 2011)

30 text ( as per census 2011)

6 digit (as per census 2011)

50 text  ( as per census 2011)

100 text

15 Digit ( as maintained with NPCI)

8 Digit      ( as maintained with NPCI)

































Total Number of Villages covered and PoS/mPoS devices installed

 The above details are given in the attached Excel file. Please give details of each device in separate row.

2. We have incurred capital expenditure of Rs.…. for deploying……………….  PoS/mPoS (for CAPEX model)


We have incurred an expenditure of Rs. …….. for maintaining  ….…... devices @ Rs……………. per device per month. (for OPEX model)

3. The original invoice, receipts, agreements, etc. related to the purchase/ installation/maintenance will be preserved at our end for any future verification requirement. We certify that not more than 2 functional PoS/mPoS devices have been installed in any village, under the project.

4. The village details including village census code with merchant details, where PoS/mPoS devices have been deployed, are also being maintained at our level.

5. We request you to kindly reimburse an amount of Rs…………..…., being the capital expenditure or operational & maintenance expenditure for PoS/mPoS devices incurred by us (maximum Rs 6,000/- per PoS/mPoS) as per eligibility in terms of Circular No. 53/DFIBT-12/2017 dated 09 March 2017. We submit that this amount has been paid to the vendor.

6. We certify that there is no duplication of claims for support obtained under third party model units.’

7. The Terms and Conditions mentioned in sanction letter No. NB. DFIBT/        /    dated ……….. are accepted by the Bank

8. Details of Bank Account:


Name of the Bank where drawal /claim money to be credited





Name of the Bank Branch where drawal /claim money to be credited






RTGS/NEFT/IFS Code of above Bank:




Name of the Account Holder ( claiming Bank)

(as appearing in the Bank Account)




Account Number of Claiming Bank




Type of Account

(Savings, Current, etc.)







9. Details of taxes paid, if any. …………………………… We certify that the treatment of GST is as per NABARD’s Circular No.   87/DFIBT-11/2018 dated 25.04.2018.

10. Banks to submit a state wise consolidated list of deployment of PoS/mPoS.

11. In case of any withdrawal, banks to make special request for withdrawal with specific details

Yours faithfully,

Name of authorized Officer:


Name of the Bank:                                                                                   



“Note: Strike out whichever is not applicable.”