Refinance Policy for schematic lending for F.Y.2018-19-Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks(Excluding SFBs)-Revision in Net NPA Norm
Ref. No. NB.DoR / 801 / PPS - 9 / 2018-19
18 June 2018
Circular No.  146           / DoR -   48          / 2018    
The Chief Executive Officer
All Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks (Excluding SFBs)
Madam/Dear Sir,
Refinance Policy for schematic lending for F. Y. 2018-19 – Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks(Excluding SFBs)- Revision in Net NPA Norm
1.  Please refer to our Circular No. 74/DoR – 20 / 2018 dated 11.04.2018 on refinance policy for schematic lending F.Y. 2018-19- Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks(Excluding SFBs). The Eligibility criteria in Para 4 point ii has been revised and shall be read as “Net NPAs not exceeding 6% of net loans and advances outstanding as on 31.03.2017.  Further, the NPA position will be reckoned for the Bank as a whole.”.
2.  Other terms and condition as mentioned in the policy remains the same. 
3. The Circular is also available on NABARD website under the tab information centre. 
3.  Please acknowledge receipt.
Yours faithfully
(G R Chintala)
Chief General Manager