Scheme for Extending Soft loan to Sugar Mills to facilitate payment of cane dues of the farmers for the current sugar season 2018-19
Please refer to our Circular No.46-48 /DoR 11-13 /2019 dated 06.03.2019 and Circular No.53/DoR-14/2019 dated 07.03.2019, on the captioned subject communicating the operational guidelines for extending Soft Loan to sugar mills. 
In this connection, it is advised that Para 6 of the operational guidelines may be read as under :
“In respect of Sugar Mills financed under consortium or multiple banking arrangements, the lenders may take pro-rata share as per the consortium arrangement. The leader of the consortium may assess the amount of eligible loan and may allocate the same to individual members.  In cases where the leader or some member is not willing to take its share, the same may be reallocated to other willing members.   In such cases it will be mandatory for lenders to cede appropriate charge on current / Fixed Assets of the company, as the case may be, to the lenders providing the soft loan.” 
Revised format for submission of claims under Interest Subvention (Bank Form-II) is attached as Annexure.  
Wherever disbursements under the scheme have been made, banks are advised to submit claims in Bank Form-I and Bank Form-II along with documents prescribed in our guidelines. The claims in hardcopies may be forwarded by StCBs and RRBs through our respective Regional Offices while the Commercial Banks and Urban Coop. Banks may forward the claims directly to NABARD, Head Office.  
To enable NABARD to remit funds to the Banks, you are requested to share with us the details of Bank A/c of your Nodal Branch/Focal Point Branch or HO (in the case of RRBs and StCBs) as under: 
Name  of the Payee Bank:
A/c Number :
IFSC Code :
Branch Name :
E-mail ID :
Name of Contact person/ :
Mobile Number: 
All the correspondence relating to the scheme may be addressed to NABARD 
e-mail viz. In case of any clarification on the Scheme/Interest Subvention claims is required, Bank may contact Ms. Sharada Ghetla, Manager on 022-26539589.