Launch of Software - Online Submission of New AMI Applications
Please refer to the Operational Guidelines of the New Agriculture Marketing (AMI) sub scheme of Integrated Scheme for Agriculture marketing (ISAM) issued vide our letter Circular No. 286/DoR-68/2018-19 dated 26 November 2018.  NABARD as the nodal agency for channelizing subsidy under the scheme has developed an online portal in consultation with MoA&FW, GoI for submission, scrutiny and disposal of subsidy applications. The portal is also intended to make available suitable MIS to stakeholders. The portal will go live on 23 September 2019 after which all subsidy applications have to be submitted online by Controlling Offices (COs) of banks. The applications submitted online are also required to be submitted to Regional Offices of NABARD in hardcopy along with a printed copy of claim form generated from the portal. During the transition period offline applications will, continue to be accepted by our Regional Offices for a period of one month ie. till 22nd October 2019, which subsequently will have to be entered by Banks on the ENSURE portal, post-facto. From 23rd October 2019, subsidy claims will be accepted by NABARD only through the online route. In case any Bank faces genuine difficulty in submitting the claim through the portal, it may bring the same to the notice of NABARD as well as DMI and find out a solution quickly. Only in case the difficulty does not get resolved, the applications will be accepted by Regional Office of NABARD after duly recording the reasons therefore in writing. The offline application so accepted shall be fed into the online system once the problem is rectified.
2. To enable initiation of the JMI process in due course and to enable release of final subsidy, banks are required to enter in the portal even those applications in respect of which advance subsidy has already been released under the New AMI Scheme. The process regarding the same will be advised in due course.
The interface is available on our ENSURE portal through which banks are already submitting Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) subsidy applications. 
3. E-mail and SMS alerts have been incorporated in the system to ensure timely alerts to all concerned. A user guide and workflow regarding the system is furnished in Annexure 1 and Annexure 2 (a) & (b) for guidance of Banks. Issues/ difficulties, if any, may be mailed to .
4. Controlling Offices of Banks have been advised by our Regional Offices to furnish details of Maker/ Checker for creation of User Ids and passwords. In case your Bank has not communicated the details of maker/ checker to our concerned Regional Office, so far, the same may be done immediately. To ensure successful roll out of the portal, NABARD’s Regional offices in the respective states will be available for sensitisation, guidance and hand holding of banks. You are requested to please arrange to circulate these guidelines among your Controlling Offices/ District Central Cooperative Banks (in case of State Cooperative Banks) and branches to ensure smooth transition to the online system.