Provision of Short Term refinance by NABARD to State Cooperative Banks for financing various purposes under Short Term (Others) - Policy for the year 2020-21
Please refer to our circular No. NB. DoR / (ST-Policy) / 3310 / A.1(ST-Others) / 2018-19 (Circular No. 87 / DoR – 29 /2019) dated 29 March 2019 on the captioned subject, communicating NABARD’s policy for the year 2019-20 for sanction of consolidated ST(Others) limits to StCBs on behalf of eligible CCBs for financing marketing of crops,  certain approved purposes other than SAO on the basis of Realistic Lending Program for respective purposes. 
2. The policy has since been reviewed and StCBs with Net NPAs upto 12% will be eligible for refinance for the financial year 2020-21. The governing provisions of ST (Others) refinance by NABARD during 2020-21 are enumerated in Annexure I. The assessment norms hitherto followed for different purposes would continue mutatis mutandis. The assessment norms for marketing of crops is indicated in Annexure-II.
3. The following purposes are also eligible for refinance:
i. ST agri gold loans for agriculture and allied activities.
ii. ST Loans for working capital requirements of animal husbandry and fisheries activities.
4. The refinance assistance from NABARD to StCBs will be available at an interest rate as advised by NABARD from time to time. 
5. The contents of this circular may please be brought to the notice of controlling offices / CCBs working under your jurisdiction.
6. StCBs may arrange to submit their applications for sanction of ST (Others) credit limits in the prescribed format, complete in all respects to the concerned Regional Office of NABARD well in advance to facilitate timely sanction thereof.
7. Please acknowledge receipt of this circular to our respective Regional Office.