Divergence in NPA Classification observed by NABARD Inspection Team - Corrigendum
EC  No. 139/DoS-27 /2020                                         22 May 2020 
Ref.  No. NB. DoS. Pol/529 /Policy/J-1/2020-21
The Chairman, All RRBs
The Managing Director, All State Cooperative Banks
The Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, 
All District Central Cooperative Banks
Dear Sir/Madam
Divergence in NPA classification observed by NABARD Inspection Team-Corrigendum
Please refer to our circular Ref No. NB. DoS/Pol/3437/J-1/2019-20 (EC No. 47/DoS- 11 /2019-20) dated 27 February 2020 on the above subject.
2. In this connection, the word ‘Appendix IV’ appearing in paras (1) and (3) of our aforesaid circular dated 27 February 2020 may be substituted with the word “Appendix IIIa”. The other contents of the circular remain unchanged.
3. Please acknowledge the receipt of this circular to our Regional Office in your State/UT.
Yours faithfully 
(L.M. Tyagarajan)
Assistant General Manager