Refinance Policy for Schematic lending for F. Y. 2020-21 -Primary Urban Cooperative Banks(PUCBs)
Ref. No. NB.DoR /17/PPS-9/2020-21
13 April 2020
Circular No. 97 / DoR - 25 / 2020         
The Managing Director
All Scheduled Primary Urban Cooperative Banks
Madam/Dear Sir,
1.   Refinance Policy for Schematic Lending for F. Y. 2020-21 – Primary Urban Cooperative Banks (PUCBs)
Refinance Policy for Schematic Lending for the year 2020-21 for Primary Urban Cooperative Banks is finalized and enclosed herewith. This Policy supersedes all the existing policies in this regard.
2.  The Circular is also available on NABARD website under the tab information Centre. 
3.   Please acknowledge receipt.