Master Circular on Board of Directors/Committees in Rural Cooperatives(StCBs/DCCBs)
1.  The Rural Cooperative Banks have significantly enhanced their business operations in the recent years.  Apart from conventional short-term lending, the credit portfolio has diversified into long term lending in agriculture, retail banking, investment operations, technology-based products/ services.  The enhanced range of financial and non-financial services also entails greater compliance to regulatory prescriptions of RBI/ NABARD and respective State Cooperative Acts. In order to achieve the business objectives and meet regulatory prescriptions, the Banks at their end, should adopt sound Corporate Governance principles that lead to timely and proper decision making.
2. The decision making by Banks is affected at various levels such as Board of Directors, Committees and at executive level.  NABARD from time to time has issued guidelines on Board of Directors, constitution of Committees at Board level/ management level.  These guidelines are now consolidated / updated for guidance to Banks. 
3. This circular covers the role, constitution, suggested agenda etc., of the Board of Directors and various Committees at the bank level.  The suggested agenda is illustrative and the Banks are requested to suitably modify the same as per their extant requirements.