Submission of KCC data using ENSURE – Monthly Position of KCC Agency wise
The CEO /Managing Director,
All District Central Co-operative Banks
All State Cooperative Banks(unitary structure)
The Chairman, 
All Regional Rural Banks
Dear Sir
Submission of KCC data using ENSURE  – Monthly Position of KCC Agency wise
Please refer to our circular no. 207/DoR-52/2017 dated 21 August 2017(attached herewith. In continuation of the same, 
we advise that the return “ Monthly position of KCC- Agency wise” has been released on the ENSURE portal. In this connection StCBs/ DCCBs and RRBs may follow guidelines laid out in Annexure I. A copy of the monthly return is in Annexure II. You may contact NABARD regional office, in case you need further guidance. 
You are advised to submit the return “Cumulative Position of KCC as on 31 March 2017” before proceeding to fill the aforementioned return. In case you have