Digital Payment Suraksha Campaign (DPSC)
No.NB.DFIBT /  23418 - 23925 / DFIBT- 23 / 2017-18  
12 February 2018
Circular No. 28 / DFIBT- 03 / 2018
1) The Chairman and Managing Director
All Commercial Banks (including Scheduled Small Finance Banks) 
2) The Convenor State Level Bankers Committee
 All States
3) The Chairman
       All Regional Rural Banks
4) The Managing Director / Chief Executive Officers
All State Cooperative Banks / All District Central Cooperative Banks
Respected Sir / Madam, 
Digital Payment Suraksha Campaign (DPSC)
Given the recent momentum on digital payments and government’s drive for a ‘Less Cash Economy’, Data Security Council of India (DSCI) in association with Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY) and Google India have introduced an initiative- ‘Digital Payment Suraksha’ Awareness Campaign  in the country to educate end users, micro small and medium businesses and merchants on security best practices and ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ while making digital transactions.
NABARD being one of the key partners is committed to spread awareness on Financial Literacy and related aspects. As part of the above campaign, brochures and videos covering six modes of digital payments / Digital Payments Instruments including Online & Mobile, Mobile Wallet, Credit & Debit Card, UPI & BHIM and Aadhaar are available in five languages- Hindi, Telugu, Tamil Gujarati and English on the weblink Brochures developed in the five languages are also available for printing on the website. 
Banks are requested to advise their branches and FLCs to make use of the videos available on the website during the Financial Literacy Camps (such as special camps on Going Digital,  target specific Financial Literacy camps etc.) organized by them.  Banks may also get the brochures printed in the vernacular language for distribution during such Financial Literacy Camps. Banks may also share the above weblink with the RSETIs sponsored by them so that the material may also be used during their training programmes.  
Banks may consider claiming the expenditure incurred by them on printing of these brochures from FIF as part of the expenditure on organizing special camps on Going Digital for which support is available in accordance with our circular No. 107 / DFIBT-24/ 2017 dated 04 May 2017.  It may please be noted that no separate assistance under FIF would be made available for printing of such brochures.  
We request you to kindly give publicity to the contents of the brochure and make use of the brochures and videos extensively during the financial literacy initiatives of the bank.
Yours faithfully  
(R. Srinivasan)
Chief General Manager
Endt. No. NB. DFIBT /                      / DFIBT- 23 /2017-18 of date.
Copy forwarded for information to :
1. The Secretariat of Chairman, NABARD, Head Office, Mumbai.
2. The Secretariat of Deputy Managing Director (HRD), NABARD, Head Office, Mumbai.
3. The Secretariat of Deputy Managing Director (RA), NABARD, Head Office, Mumbai.
4. The Principal / Director / Joint Director, All Training Establishments.  
5. The Chief General Manager / Officer-in-Charge, NABARD, All Regional Offices with a request to :
a) Advise all the banks in the state to make use of the brochures and videos extensively during their financial literacy initiatives.  
b) A specific mention of the same may also be made in the sanction letter while conveying sanction of grant assistance under FIF to the banks for financial literacy initiatives.  
c) The awareness about the campaign may also be made as an agenda item from NABARD during the SLBC meetings.
d) DDMs may also be advised to make use of the videos and brochures during their interactions with the stakeholders.
(Pankaj K. Tripathi)
Assistant General Manager