ENSURE – System generated ‘Performance Assessment’ of Banks
Ref. No.NB.DoS.HO/OSS/4682   /P.177/2017-18                         
 March 09 , 2018
Circular No.  39/DoS-09 /2018
The Chief Executive Officer,
All State Co-operative Banks
All District Central Co-operative Banks
Dear Sir
ENSURE – System generated ‘Performance Assessment’ of Banks
1.   Please refer to our letter No.NB.DoS.HO.OSS/2477/P-177/2016-17 (Circular No. 253/DoS-31/2016) dated October 25, 2016 in which banks were advised to generate ‘Performance Assessment Report’ (PAR) from ENSURE Portal on submission of OSS returns, in order to provide timely feedback and also identify areas/ issues which need special attention for improvement.
2. NABARD RO has also been sending a copy of this PAR to banks in due course. 
3. In order to provide feedback to banks in a timely manner, henceforth the PAR would be sent by e-mail directly from ENSURE Portal to both the CEO and his Secretariat on the next day of submission of all OSS returns for each period. For receiving PAR on a regular basis, you may ensure that the e-mail ID is not marked spam or black listed in your specified e-mail accounts.
4. Banks would continue to have the option of generating PAR for any period directly from ENSURE Portal, whenever they want. 
5. The bank may place the PAR for each quarter before the Top Management and the Board and the plan of action drawn up and/ or corrective actions initiated, based on this report, may be communicated to our Regional Office concerned.
6. As you are aware, utility of PAR is dependent on the quality of data and timeliness in submission of OSS returns. We, therefore, request you to adhere to the prescribed timelines for submission of OSS returns and also ensure data integrity. 
7. Please acknowledge receipt of this circular to our Regional Office concerned.
Yours faithfully 
(K. Venkateswara Rao)
Chief General Manager