Half-Yearly Review of Investment portfolio of RRBs

06 April 2018
Circular No. 66 /DoS. 18 /2018
The Chairman
All Regional Rural Banks
Dear Sir / Madam
Half-Yearly Review of Investment portfolio of RRBs 
Please refer to the instructions contained in the Circular No. RPCD. FR. BC.17 /A-4/92-93 dated 4 September 1992 issued by RBI, in terms of which the banks have to review their investment portfolio on half yearly basis as on 31 March and 30 September and place the same before their respective Board within a month i.e. by end of April and end of October every year and forward the related review notes to the concerned Regional Offices of NABARD by 15 May and 15 November respectively.
2. Based on such review notes received from the banks, a consolidated review report will be prepared by NABARD on the subject on a half yearly basis as on 31 March and 30 September covering all the banks (separately for StCBs/DCCBs and RRBs) bringing therein bank-wise observations, suggested course of action etc. for apprising the RBI in the matter. 
3. ln this connection, it has been decided to introduce a Return titled “Half-Yearly Review of Investment Portfolio" (proforma given in annexure) for the Half-Yearly Review of Investment portfolios of RRBs in ENSURE portal, effective from the Half-Year ending 31 March 2018. The Return is to be uploaded on a half-yearly basis and the first such return should be submitted by 15 May 2018, and as per periodicity prescribed, thereafter.
Consequent to introduction of the aforesaid return in ENSURE Portal, there is no need to submit manual copies of the half-yearly review on investment portfolio to our Regional Office for the half-year ended 31 March 2018 and onwards. All banks are advised to henceforth ensure submission of the return as per the prescribed schedule through ENSURE Portal only.
6.    Please acknowledge the receipt of this circular to our Regional Office concerned.
Yours faithfully

(K Venkateswara Rao) 
Chief General Manager
Encl: As Above
Return name: Half – Yearly Review of Investments Portfolio for the Half-year ended ………
Due Date : 15 May /15 November 
Name of the RRB: ……………………     State: ……………….
Sr. No. Particulars
1.1         Has the Bank framed Investment Policy as mentioned in the RBI Circular dated 04.09.1992 indicated above?
1.2          If Yes, indicate the Board Meeting No. which approved the Policy
1.3          If Yes, date of the said Board meeting
2.1     Was the Policy revised during the half-year under consideration?
2.2         If Yes, indicate the Board Meeting No.
2.3       If Yes, date of the said Board meeting
2.4     If Yes, brief description of the revisions made (mention RBI/ NABARD circular and date, if any, and also the                  brief description of area/ subject revised)
3.1        Has the Board of Directors approved a panel of brokers for investment transactions?
3.2     Has the bank conducted any investment transactions with the help of brokers?
3.3         If Yes, has the bank adhered to the broker-wise limit of 5% of the transactions?
4        Whether the bank has kept deposit with other RRBs?
5        Has the bank sold any securities during the period under consideration?
6        Has the Bank undertaken transactions in securities on behalf of:
6.1        Portfolio Management Scheme (PMS) clients in its fiduciary capacity
6.2       Other clients either as custodians of their investments or purely as their Agents
7        Has the bank subjected its investment transactions to Concurrent Audit?
8      Has the bank placed the report of the Concurrent Auditor on investment transactions before the Chairman/                     CEO every month?
9.1       Has the bank placed review of its investments before the Board of Directors for this period?
9.2      If Yes, indicate the Board Meeting No.
9.3      If Yes, date of the said Board meeting
10    Whether total Non-SLR investments exceeded 10% of the total deposits of a bank as on 31 March of the                          preceding financial year.
11   Whether invested in perpetual debt instruments ?
12   Whether the RRB has violated the exposure ceiling for single borrower at 15 per cent of owned funds ?
13   Whether the RRB has violated the Group Exposure limit of 40% of its owned funds ?
14   Whether total Non-SLR investments exceeded 5% of incremental deposits at the end of the preceding financial year?
15   Whether the bank had invested more than 10% of their owned funds in Tier II bonds issued by Sponsor Banks or other banks / FIs ?
16   Whether the bank had submitted the Quarterly Certificate on Investment to NABARD/RBI?