Incentivizing Promotional Scheme for BHIM Aadhaar Merchant Incentive Scheme
Ref.No.NB.DFIBT/   337-815          /DFIBT-23/2018-19
Circular No. 86 /DFIBT- 10 /2018
23 April 2018
The Chairman and Managing Director/ Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
Scheduled Commercial Banks
Regional Rural Banks
State Cooperative Banks and
District Central Cooperative Banks
Madam/Dear Sir,
Incentivizing Promotional Scheme for BHIM Aadhaar Merchant Incentive Scheme. 
The scheme for incentivizing promotional scheme for BHIM Aadhaar was announced vide circular No. 97/DFIBT-19/2017 dated 26 April 2017. The scheme has now been modified vide MeITy’s notification No: 12/9/2017-DPD-MeIty dated 27th March 2018.
The banks may implement the scheme as per the guidelines given in the notifications, enclosed herewith for ready reference. 
In terms of point 1.1 of the notification, the operation of BHIM Merchant Incentive Scheme has been extended till 31st March 2019. Further, in tune with the modification made and the guidelines issued by Meity, the format for applying and seeking advance under the scheme have been revised and are enclosed at annexure 1 and 2 respectively. You are requested to forward proposals in respect to this scheme as per the revised formats from 1 April 2018 onwards. 
Yours faithfully
(R Srinivasan)
Chief General Manager