Demonstration of Banking Technology through Mobile Van-Support under Financial Inclusion Fund(FIF)
Ref.No. NB.DFIBT.HO/        1522 - 1973            /DFIBT-23/2018-19
07 May 2018
Circular No. 91  /DFIBT- 22  /2018
The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
Regional Rural Banks
State Co-operative Banks and 
District Central Co-operative Banks
Dear Sir,
Demonstration of Banking Technology through 
Mobile Van –Support under Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF)
A reference is invited to our circular No. 133/DFIBT-27/2017 dated 26 May 2017 on the captioned subject. In this regard a few of the Banks have represented that unavoidable delay is being experienced in remodeling/ refurbishing the vans to cater to the needs under the scheme and therefore have requested for extension of time for submission of claim under the scheme. Accordingly, the claim period indicated at point (6) of the aforesaid circular, for submission of claim to NABARD has now been increased from six to nine months. The above revised guidelines will be applicable in respect of all sanctions made to Banks under the scheme.
All other terms and conditions of the scheme remain unchanged.
Yours faithfully,
(R Srinivasan)
Chief General  Manager