Action Plan for ensuring renewal of insurance under PMSBY/ PMJJBY for all enrolled subscribers
No. NB.DFIBT.HO/  2489  - 2882  /DFIBT-23/2018-19
11 May 2018
Circular No.95    /DFIBT-  14 /2018
The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
All State Cooperative Banks
All District Central Cooperative Banks
Dear Sir, 
Action Plan for ensuring renewal of insurance under PMSBY/ PMJJBY for all enrolled subscribers
The Social Security Schemes, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) were launched on 09 May 2015, with a view to ensuring universal social security for the poor and underprivileged. The gross enrolment under these PMJJBY and PMSBY schemes stands only at 5.35 crore and 13.52 crore respectively, posing a  significant challenge to complete coverage of all 31.56 crore Jan Dhan account holders with insurance under these schemes.
2. In this connection, the GoI had initiated the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, a campaign, from 14 April 2018 to 05 May 2018, by Banks and Public Insurance Companies, to ensure 100% saturation of PMJDY accounts with coverage under these schemes, for the period 01 June 2018 to 31 May 2019.
3. Now, as 31 May 2018, the last date for renewal of insurance nears, it is imperative that our efforts be intensified to ensure that all existing accounts are renewed and that we are able to cover all PMJDY account holders with these schemes as well. In this direction, DFS, GoI, vide its circular dated 10 May 2018, has outlined an overall action plan to be implemented by all stakeholders. 
4.  Accordingly, the following action is to be taken by the Cooperative Banks:
a. CEOs/ MDs to instruct all branches to ensure that: 
(i) Branches strive for 100% renewal i.e renewal of all existing PMJJBY and PMSBY accounts. For the purpose, the branches may reach out to the account holders to ensure sufficient amount for auto debit of premium i.e. Rs.330/- for PMJJBY accounts and Rs.12 for PMSBY accounts. 
(ii) Branches to strive for coverage of at least 95% of existing PMJDY accounts under these Jan Suraksha schemes.  
(iii) Branches to strive for full saturation of all eligible remaining accounts. 
b. Banners to be put up at prominent places at Bank Head Office, all branches and extension counters, as well as at FLCs, displaying messages that call for enrolment under these schemes, renewal of existing subscriptions and need to maintain sufficient balance for auto debit of premium. Such messages may also be widely publicised by all possible means, preferably in local language.  
c. FLCs to be advised to disseminate the message, through notices at the centres, as also through their regular interaction with account holders. 
d. In the third and fourth week of May 2018, branches to focus on the accounts that have insufficient balance for renewal through auto debit of account for premium under these schemes and make all out efforts for ensuring that balances are replenished to permit auto debit of premium on 01/06/2018. 
5. All co-operative banks to initiate necessary action to implement the above mentioned Action Plan to ensure that not only existing subscribers to these schemes renew their subscriptions for the next year but all uncovered account holders are also brought under this insurance cover.
6. Banks are also advised to ensure that the renewals / enrolments thus achieved are reported on the ENSURE portal of NABARD.  
Yours faithfully
( R Srinivasan )
Chief General Manager
Encl.: As above