microATM/ PoS and CBS Server Integration- Extension of Timeline
Ref.No.NB.DFIBT/ 2919- 3314/ DFIBT- 23 / 2018-19                       14 May 2018
Circular No. 98/ DFIBT-15/ 2018
The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
State Co-operative Banks and
District Central Co-operative Banks
Dear Sir,
microATM/ PoS and CBS Server Integration- Extension of Timeline
A reference is invited to our Master Circular No. 263/DFIBT-47/2017 dated 20 November 2017 covering the captioned scheme. The demand for expansion of card acceptance infrastructure in general and microATM in particular in rural areas has increased due to issuance of RuPay Kisan Card. To ensure deployment of microATMs in rural areas, it has been decided to extend the timeline of the captioned scheme as detailed below:
SN Name of the Scheme Existing Last Date for Revised Last Date                       for
Sanction Claim Sanction Claim
1 microATM/ PoS and CBS server integration 31 March 2018 30 June 2018 31 December 2018 31 March 2019
All other terms and conditions of the scheme remain unchanged. Banks are advised to adhere to the indicated timelines and take benefit of the scheme as there will be no further extension granted hereafter.
Yours faithfully 
(R Srinivasan)
Chief General Manager