Cyber Security Framework in Banks
Ref. No. NB. DoS/ 692  / Pol/ J-1 /2016 – 17 
16 May 2018
(Circular No.104 /DoS- 21   /2018)
The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
All State Cooperative Banks/All District Central Cooperative Banks
Dear Sir
Cyber Security Framework in Banks
Please refer to point no 14 of  our Circular No.50/DoS-16/2018 dated 16 March 2018 on the captioned subject, wherein, the banks have been advised to report all unusual Cyber Security incidents (whether they were successful or were attempts which did not fructify) to CSITE Cell of NABARD.   
In this connection, we advise that you may report such incidents to CSITE Cell of NABARD at the Email ID (  
Further, you may also direct all correspondence required in terms of the aforesaid circular or otherwise on the subject to the above email ID.
Yours faithfully
( Usha H Iyer)
Deputy.General Manager