ENSURE-System Generated ‘Default in CRR/SLR ’Report
Ref. No.NB.DoS.HO/OSS/      752                    /P.177/2018-19                         May 21, 2018
Circular No.     108          /DoS-  24          /2018
The Chairman,
All Regional Rural Banks
Dear Sir
ENSURE – System Generated 'Default in CRR/ SLR’ Report
Please refer to our letter No.NB.DoS.HO/OSS/4046/P.177/2016-17 (Circular No. 50/DoS-03/2017) dated March 07, 2017 in which banks were advised to submit statutory returns such as Form VIII, Form A etc. through ENSURE Portal from February 2017 onwards.  
2. Please also refer to our letter No. NB.DoS.HO/OSS/4684/P.177/2017-18 (Circular No. 40/DoS-10/2018) dated March 09, 2018 regarding issue of Performance Assessment Report (PAR) directly to banks from ENSURE Portal on the next day of submission of all OSS returns for each period.
3. In continuation of the efforts being made to provide timely feedback to banks, henceforth, a letter would be sent by e-mail from ENSURE Portal, on the next day of submission of Form VIII for each month, to the Chairman and his/ her Secretariat, in case a default is observed in the maintenance of CRR and/ or SLR for any of the reporting fortnights during the month. 
4. In order to receive feedback mails from ENSURE Portal, you may ensure that the e-mail ID is not marked spam or black listed in your specified e-mail accounts.
5. As you are aware, feedback would be useful and actionable only when they are provided on the basis of reliable and good quality data. We, therefore, advise you to ensure that all returns are submitted with correct data within the prescribed due dates.
6. Please acknowledge the receipt of this circular to our Regional Office concerned.
Yours faithfully 
(K. R. Rao)
Chief General Manager
Endt. No. NB. DoS. HO. OSS/            / P. 177/ 2018-19 of date.
Copy forwarded for information to:
1. The Chairman and Managing Director, All sponsor banks.  
2. The Executive Assistant to the Chairman, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Head Office, Mumbai.
3. The Executive Assistant to all Dy. Managing Directors, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Head Office, Mumbai.
4. The Chief General Manager/ Officer-in-Charge, NABARD, All Regional Offices.
5. The Secretary, Secretary’s Department, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development,  Head Office, Mumbai.
6. The Chief General Manager/ General Manager, All HO Departments, NABARD, Mumbai.
7. The General Manager, DoS, Head Office, North/ East/ West/ South Zones, Mumbai.
8. The Director, Bankers’ Institute National of Rural Development, Lucknow.
9. The Principal, National Bank Staff College, Lucknow.
10. The Joint Director, Bankers Institute of Rural Development, Bolpur/ Mangalore.
(V Raju)
Dy. General Manager