BHIM-Cashback Scheme for Individuals and BHIM- Cashback Scheme for Merchants-Support From Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF)
No. NB.DFIBT.HO/ 4268 – 4756   /DFIBT-23/2018-19 31 May 2018
Circular No. 127 / DFIBT-   18   /2018
The Chairman/Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
All Scheduled Commercial Banks
All Regional Rural Banks
All State Co-operative Banks
All District Central Co-operative Banks
Dear Sir,
BHIM – Cashback Scheme for Individuals and
BHIM – Cashback Scheme for Merchants – Support
From Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF)_____________
Please refer to our Circular No. 63/DFIBT-09/2018 dated 4 April 2018 on the captioned schemes. 
We advise that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India has revised the above schemes. The relevant notifications No. 12/13/2017-DPD-MeitY dated 26th April 2018 (for BHIM Cashback Scheme for Merchants) and No. 12/13/2017-DPD-MeitY dated 26 April 2018 (for BHIM Cashback Scheme for Individuals), issued by MeitY are enclosed. It may be noted that the BHIM Cashback scheme for individuals has replaced the earlier scheme viz., BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme for Individuals.
The banks may implement the schemes as per the guidelines given in the notifications. The cases which have already been processed may not be reopened.  The cases which are pending may be settled as per revised Gazette Notification of MeitY, Government of India.
Yours faithfully,
( R. Srinivasan )
Chief General Manager
Encl. : As above