Department of Information Technology
1. Genesis
Consequent upon formation of NABARD on 12th July 1982, the need for computer services was acknowledged by the formation of Computer Services Division (CSD). CSD was attached to the Economic Analysis and Publication Division.
In 1998, the Division got renamed as Department of Information Technology (DIT) to devote exclusive attention to IT-related matters within the Bank.

2. Core functions of the Department

Design IT and IT-related policies for the Bank
The department puts in place the IT policy, related to procurement of hardware and software within the bank. Other policies related to the IT domain, such as Information Security Policy, etc. are also articulated by DIT.

Provision of computing resources to the various units of the Bank
All server-level hardware and software are maintained by DIT centrally to ensure high degree of availability. The Bank maintains a Tier-II data centre. All end-point computing devices are also supplied by DIT to ensure effective use of the computing resources. The necessary software licenses to operate the devices are also procured by DIT.
 Development of in-house applications and maintenance 
A host of applications, which have been developed in-house at NABARD, are maintained by DIT. These applications include the corporate intranet, legacy accounting solutions, on-line returns management system, etc.

Anchor the implementation of outsourced applications
The Bank has adopted a move towards centralised application architecture. Consequently, critical functions are being migrated into this application framework in stages by DIT.
Contact Information:
Shri S B Johnson
Chief General Manager
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