Human Resource Management Department
 1. Genesis
Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) was set up in July 1982 upon the formation of NABARD to take care of recruitment, placement, performance management, promotions and retirements of the staff.
The Department, over the years has evolved into one of the core departments of NABARD, engaged with the critical job assignments of recruiting right people, placing them appropriately, managing human resources for optimizing business, developmental, business support and development support services and other functions. 
 2. Core Functions of the Department
Recruitment and Selection
  • Select and appoint people to match strategic business, development, supervisory and other roles of the bank 
  • Ensure adherence  to various statutory requirements relating to recruitment (including reservations), placement and transfer.
Placement and Transfer
  • Facilitate optimum deployment of human resources
  • Career progression and succession planning  to maximise productivity
Performance management
  • Provide Performance Appraisal Review (PAR) as a tool to objectively assess the performance and competency, potential and capability of individual employees vis-à-vis the organisational
  • Maintain all service records systematically
Staff compensation and facilities 
  • Ensure that compensation and benefits for the staff is at par with industry trend. 
  • Conduct timely review and implementation of the same without any time lag so as to keep the staff motivated and satisfied 
  • Efficient management of staff welfare schemes and facilities 
HR initiatives 
  • Maintain cordial industrial relations by sensitising staff on positive work culture
  • Introduce innovative staff welfare measures, including those for retired staff
Training and Development 
  • Promote training and development as a part of a broader strategy for human resource development including 
(a) Knowledge, skill and competency upgrades of all staff and on-boarding of new recruits
(b) Sensitisation on roles of higher levels of hierarchy, including top management, upon career progression and change management
(c) Enabling staff to deal with changes pro actively.
3. Broad Achievements of the Department at the National Level
NABARD has on its roll a team of highly professional and well-trained staff. As on March 31, 2018, the staff strength of the bank was as under:
  •     Group A (Officers): 2,618
  •     Group B (Development assistants and other assistants): 693
  •     Group C (Messengers, Maintenance and others): 680
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