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The Tide Has Turned
Tamil Nadu
Rehabilitation of old anaicuts and lead channels in the Amaravathi river system-Karur and Tiruppur districts

Farmers of Tiruppur district, Tamilnadu

The Challenge:
The damaged anaicuts hindered the water supply from the main river to the ayacuts. As a result, there was little water at the tail end during harvest time

The Solution:
Loans from Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) helped the Government of Tamil Nadu repair damages to the side lining, channel bed and the sluice system with necessary cross masonry works. This enabled the much required water flow across the channel up to the tail end

The Impact:
  • Farmers are getting more water and for more number of days
  • Sugarcane crop is the major beneficiary
  • The command area farmers are able to cultivate a second crop by utilizing the water from the wells which are replenished by the anaicuts

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